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Thank you for your interest in YBR Publishing.

Our purpose is to do the work of self-publishing for you, and all the costs of publishing your book are passed on to you at cost only! Our profit comes from commission of book sales and the labor to get your book ready to publish! Why start selling books with a huge debt to pay for publishing? We help you begin making profit right from the beginning!

Following are our editorial guidelines.

·         Most all categories / genres are welcome for submission.

·         Manuscripts containing blatant pornography will not be accepted

·         Manuscripts will be evaluated by our staff before it is forwarded to our editor for a determination of acceptance.


For us to properly evaluate your manuscript and its potential, please include:

·         A general synopsis of your manuscript

·         Estimated length of book

·         Author/Writer information/biography

·         If applicable, sample copies of published articles and other materials you’ve written, and a complete list of your prior publications

·         Contact information to include phone number(s) and email address

·         Website and Facebook page if available


All submissions should be text only, in CURRENT Microsoft Word format, Times New Roman, 11-point font, single spaced with no spaces between paragraphs. (We will provide special instructions for submissions of non-text items)

Do not indent first lines of paragraphs, double return between paragraphs or justify margins beyond standard.

Do not add additional space-key strokes at the ends of paragraphs. When a paragraph is complete, hit the Return key immediately after the period. Extra spaces cause formatting errors and extra time to correct.

Write Chapter Headings / Numbers in the same font. One extra return keystroke is allowed between the chapter number / name and the first paragraph of the chapter.

Do not add page headers (book title & author name[s]) or page numbers as their positions will change during the editing/formatting process.

Do not include graphics or photos within the manuscript. Photos or graphics to be added within the manuscript will be done during the formatting process in cooperation with the author. If photos are to be part of the manuscript, please indicate where in the manuscript they are to be added (between chapters, in the middle of chapters, etc.)

Once you′ve submitted your manuscript, you should receive word from us—pro or con—usually within 30 days. Should we decide to offer you an agreement to edit / publish your book, then we will contact you regarding the terms of the agreement.

Email your manuscript in an MS Word attached document to: