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I Walked In Santa's Boots is an enchanting holiday treasure and historical autobiography, combining facts and legends to deliver a spellbinding Lowcountry Christmas story. Families will delight in each chapter of this unique Christmas classic set in Beaufort, South Carolina, and the surrounding Lowcountry.

It is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photos from 1993 to 2015 from "Night on the Town," the annual Christmas Parade, Photos With Santa, and more. Saint Nick lives in the hearts of millions, and author Jack Gannon weaves together stories which are heartwarming, occasionally heartbreaking and sometimes downright hilarious from his twenty-three-year career as Santa Claus.

He reflects on his experiences with both children and adults, sometimes needing to go that extra mile to ensure his personal motto to "Maintain the Reality of the Illusion."

For the first time, Jack shares the personal story of his own epiphany and transformation, from a young wide-eyed child almost caught out of bed when Santa arrived at his house to a man who nearly lost his own faith after learning his father suddenly died.

He reveals a child's request of Santa Claus for a special visit on Christmas Eve to his daddy fighting overseas. A little girl fitted with new legs asks St. Nick an unusual question. An elderly woman finds herself alone for the first time during Christmas, and asks Santa for help...

Learn what a little girl asked from Frosty the Snowman, how Santa met Anna and Elsa from the hit movie "Frozen," what inspired an older man determined to get out of his hospital bed, and more.

This veteran Saint Nicholas reveals these encouraging true stories and lessons from his tenure as a Christian Santa Claus for the children and families of the military bases and residential communities across northern Beaufort County and beyond.

Experience the Christmas Spirit along Jack's journey and at the end you too can say I Walked In Santa's Boots!

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Six months have passed since advertising artist Wayne Martin unexpectedly died. In a bizarre turn of events, he was brought back to life only to find himself caught between two worlds. Given the designation as an InSpectre in a heavenly corporation, his job is to restore the souls of those who died before their time. Wayne is also challenged by an enigmatic being within his human body called The Living Ghost! Destiny Riley, a high school junior who was born handicapped, has long been ridiculed and bullied because of her disabilities. Unable to reach out for help, she is finally brought to the point of ending her torment. Wayne is sent as an InSpectre in an attempt to prevent her death…but will he make it in time? If not, it will require the powers of The Living Ghost to save her! "Tears of Destiny" is the sequel to "Dawn of The Living Ghost". Read both books in this InSpectre series for Wayne's full story with destiny!

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A secret Federal Task Force is on the hunt for a sadistically twisted serial killer. She has managed to slip through the fingers of local law enforcement and the FBI, as the crimes are far graver than anyone could have imagined.

Years of physical and mental abuse have led Lacy, with the help of Lexi (her best friend-turned lover), to finally track down the men who abused her, but escaped punishment. She has obtained Latrodectus (black widow) venom in deadly concentrated amounts, and gets her chance to bite widow style. Seductively she lures her victims into her web of sexual darkness. Her plan is foolproof, cleverly elaborate and insanely detailed: at the climax of each sexual tryst, she injects venom into her victims. Knowing that the poison from one bite of a black widow spider equals that of ten rattlesnake bites, she uses more than enough venom to eradicate her victims...a poignant and deliberate overkill. Their deaths are gruesome, volatile, hellacious, and she savors her retribution by watching them die a most horrifying death. When her murders escalate, she decides to wrap her victims in white silk sheets and leave them on display in a web-like device.

When Lacy misses an opportunity to kill one of her abusers, she instead murders a sex-obsessed playboy who accidentally steps into her lair. The crisis critically steps up a notch when his father, the president of a Middle East country and ally to the United States, threatens war if the killer isn;t found. In an effort to avert a catastrophic alienation and potential political conflict, the U.S. President and Pentagon quickly dispatch their Task Force agents to find the killer...if they can.

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